Hi I'm Nomi. I like things that move and make sounds. I love making videos. I'm currently based in Berlin and trying to make the most of being here. Please feel free to contact me via any of communication formats listed below. I could be severely shy and awkward, but I like hanging around with people (like my golden retriever) and I would be very happy to hear from you.



For this portfolio, I picked some of my latest works focused in Vine/Instagram format.



A MAZE. ( is an international label in the field of independent and alternative games, playful media and game culture. I made countdown videos to inform the submission deadline for A MAZE Awards in their game festival event happening in April 2016.

2016年4月に開催されるゲーム祭の為のカウントダウンビデオを作りました。このゲーム祭はA MAZE. (による企画で、A MAZEとはインディペンデント系ゲーム、ゲーム文化、プレイフルメディアのレーベルです。


Talk & Play ( is a bi-monthly event organised by As BGS official Viner, I document games and talks in this event and other game-related events in Berlin using Vine. This year, I also made a video for the event's jingle. The full version is available at YouTube/BGS.

BerlinGameScene.comによるイヴェント、Talk & Play ( の為のジングルのビデオを作りました。前編はYouTube/BGSにてご覧頂けます。また、BGSの公式Vine作り家なので、このT&P及びベルリンで起こる他のゲーム関連のイベントをよく記録しています。


#7secdec is a spontaneous/self-imposed project I conducted in December 2015. After experiencing my first InkTober(?), I felt inspired and compelled that I should do something similar again with videomaking. As I figured that my December 2015 would be a dull, less-fruitful month (in terms of job hunting), I decided to learn C4D and other things through making one Vine a day (I thought that Vine has become 7 seconds video platform as it seemed to capture longer than 6 seconds. Hence, the name, 7secdec). You can see all videos in one clip on my Vimeo



As a regular doodler, I was intrigued by the hype over InkTober(?). Many of my game/artist friends were participating in this campaign and I decided to join them. For my InkTober, I composed pictures about the special days in October (normally unofficial national day made in the US). I was rather skeptical at the beginning, but in the end I enjoyed it as it made a great conversation opener and I learnt about special days in October more than anyone else at a bar.


#inktober #inktober2015 #NationalMadHatterDay #GermanAmericanDay #NationalNoodleDay

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#inktober #inktober2015 #BackToTheFutureday #BTTFDay

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#inktober #inktober2015 #FechnerDay #WombatDay #NationalColorDay #NationalNutDay

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