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I'm Nomi. A humanoid who loves film making, skiing, and Finnish sauna, usually in Tokyo, London, and the World Wide Web.

I am a living creature and may have different titles depending on the position I am in, but they say that there isn't any title which describes me quite accurately. Apparently, I'm special.

I make films, dream, write nonsense fiction, study chemistry, brainstorm, listen to music enthusiastically, doodle, compose soundtrack, dance (awkwardly), whistle, and tweet regularly.

I am currently a jobseeker and recently finished my degree in Communications/Media Art course at University of Westminster and I have created this alternative portfolio website for my job search campaign 2014. In case you are interested in my old website design, please visit www.thenomi.org.

Bugs Bunny and Phileas Fogg are my heroes.

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The Sunday Evening Show (2014) University of Westminster, London, UK. Director, Runner.
Raging Dog (2013) Personal, Tokyo, Japan. Director, Animator.
Habitat (2012) University of Westminster, London, UK. Director, Sound Designer.
Visual Essay - Greenwich Park (2012) University of Westminster, London, UK. Director.
Der Doppelgänger (2012) University of Westminster, London, UK. Animator, Director.
Identity (2011) University of Westminster, London, UK.
DAIKONASHI (2010) directed by Radley Silla. Tokyo, Japan. Translator, Costume Design Assistant.
A Small Bar In Koenji (2009) Temple University, Tokyo, Japan. Director, Interviewer.
Super Nomi (2009) Temple University, Tokyo, Japan. Nomi.
CIAs Video 8: We Hate Your Ears (2003) directed by Gibrian Foltz. Maine, US. Cameo Appearance.
The King of 21st Century (2000) directed by Yoshie Ogihara. Tokyo, Japan. Voice.

FILM SCREENING ALERT: The Sunday Evening Show will be screened at BAFTA on June 22nd 2014.

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  • Wander & Scribble: Doodles I started making since circa 2013. Most of them are scribbled on my commute (walking/tube); hence, wander and scribble.
  • New Year Cards: I work for my family as a graphic designer, and I have been designing the artworks for beginning-of-the-year seasonal cards for them since 1994 (as far as I remember).
  • JunglePrint: Since 2011, I started making printworks as JunglePrint with Hana Morishima. We are selling the postcards currently at Sukombu in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Post Cards:Writing postcards to send is my pastime activity, but it's always difficult to find cards that I want. So, I draw on blank cards. The pictures herein show some of the postcards which I already sent to someone.
  • Wall Painting at Kokemusazu:In summer 2012, I painted on a wall of Co-working space called Kokemusazu, Koenji, Tokyo. I really enjoyed painting in this friendly comfortable space. Also Hana Morishima and my father Yuji Nomi helped me and it was very nice.

More to come...

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Other Projects

Jungle, London, UK (2013) - A musical performance composed and performed with Tomasso Stingo. Performer.
Phantom Malice (2013) - A MOD computer game created with Alexandra Margarint and Darius Bielecki. Sound Designer, Composer.
L’Automation (2012) - An interactive installation powered by Arduino created with Leilani Franco. Programmer, Constructor, Sound Designer.

Salt Magazine (est. 2014) - A magazine project founded by Michelle-Anne Quevenco.
The Rhythm I Grew Up With (est. 2014) - A creative group I formed with Scott Polhemus to work on collaborative projects.
Skål Lab (est. 2013) - A T-shirt merchandise project I was invited to join by Naohiko Fujino as a graphic designer/illustrator.
Charlotte and Tilde (est.2010) - A creative group I formed with Lindee Hoshikawa.

The Seventh Step (2010) Temple University, Tokyo, Japan. Writer, Performer.
The Christmas Pageant Comedy (2007), Tokyo, Japan. Writer, Director.
Hanasaka Jiisan (2001) Meiji Gakuin Jr High School, Tokyo, Japan. Writer, Director, Costume and Stage Designer.

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